Luxury Real Estate in Israel

You may not have ever thought about buying real estate in Israel, but you should. Not only is the weather wonderful, but because it’s not a destination that is always on top of people’s minds, you could be one of the few individuals in the world who understand the advantages of buying real estate here. Savyon, just outside Tel Aviv, embodies many of the best things about buying real estate in Israel.

Home to members of Israel’s most affluent class, Savyon has many luxurious properties for sale. This neighborhood of beautiful homes appeals to the wealthy and to new immigrants who are ready to establish themselves in a growing community where they can put down roots. Savyon is a small community located only about ten kilometers outside of Tel Aviv, one of the most vibrant cities in Israel. Its location also makes it ideal for younger buyers who have jobs in Tel Aviv.

Even though it is within easy driving distance from Tel Aviv, Savyon is characterized by many green spaces and plots of land perfect for those looking to build. Savyon is not a large area geographically, originally having been created for South African immigrants sixty years ago, but since its population are people of all ages and from all walks of life–infants to octogenarian–it is able to offer something for everyone.

Not only is it not difficult to find lots of sports, educational opportunities, trips, and other activities there, but Savyon’s natural beauty means that it is perfect for nature lovers too. The diversity of its population has allowed it to welcome people of various backgrounds while at the same time retaining its sense of exclusivity.

Characterized by excellent schools in addition to being near two of Israel’s finest university, Savyon is a place to consider if you are looking for a safe and welcoming place to raise a family. By the same token, it’s a wonderful place to consider if you are not raising a family, but if you simply want a beautiful place to live with lots of interesting people and a variety of things to do.

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