about us

The de-Botton real estate agency in Savyon was founded 45 years ago by Ester de-Botton, a Savyon resident, and has been managed in recent years by her daughter, Lior Shklarsh, who has lived in the town since childhood

Our agency has dominated the local real estate market from the time it was established, and we are regarded by both the general public and the business community as one of Israel’s most professional and highly respected real estate agencies.

Setting the standard for other real estate companies that cater to high-end clients, de-Botton real estate agency is one of the most esteemed companies in Israel.

This 45 year old firm is highly respected and well-regarded. Firmly establishing itself as the leading company that has an extensive and exclusive property listing in Savyon, it accounts for the highest percent of real estate transactions in the area.  Savyon is an exclusive, luxury district located a few kilometers east of Tel Aviv.  This wealthy neighborhood enjoys the distinction of having residents that have the highest socio-economic standing in Israel.

The company’s founder Ester de-Botton passed on the impeccable reputation of the company to her daughter Lior Shklarsh.  Ms. Sklarsh makes sure that the uncompromising standards that de-Botton real estate agency is known for is followed and maintained.  The family knows Savyon very well because they themselves are long-time residents of the area.  This personal knowledge of the area sets the agency apart from others.

The agency’s diverse portfolio boasts of luxury homes, elite villas, and even smaller and more unobtrusive residences in Savyon. What these properties have in common is that it is set amidst sprawling green areas and the high quality of life that the district is known for. de-Botton real estate agency has exclusive rights to the properties that they offer to their clients.  This means that no other company sells these homes except for them.  Throughout the entire real estate consulting process, clients are given personalized and complete service. Due to their vast experience, the agency understands that clients have varying needs and preferences.

The legacy of de-Botton real estate agency is its high regard for a quality community life and its excellent service to its clients.  We can be sure that this company will thrive and grow stronger in the years to come.