Why Israel is Great for Families with Children

There are many reasons why living in Israel with your family is a great idea especially when you have kids. For one, the Inter Nations Family Life Index of 2015 ranks the country as the fourth best place to raise children. From the historic attraction sites to the general "we are one big family" attitude that permeates the entire community, this nation is definitely the perfect destination for you.

Living in Israel is not that expensive. In fact, even luxury homes in communities like Savyon and Herzliya go for around 995,000 Shekels (approximately $265,000). Don't let the affordable price turn your sceptical mind on. These luxury homes come with all the perks that will make parenting a joy. On average, the houses are 150 square meters with a porch that is 25 square meters. The swimming pools can be more or less 3.5 x 8 meters in size.

Purchasing your first house in Israel will just be a breeze. All you have to do is search for a suitable house whether online or using a real estate agent, visit or inspect the property, and negotiate the price. Then you will be good to sign the Zichron Devarim. This document is a summary of the terms of reference and is needed to take your choice house from the market as you work out the financing.

Another of the reasons why Israel is great for families with kids is the numerous fun activities that your kids will love in this country. For starters, you can take them down to the beach of the Red Sea, Mediterranean or Galilee – and it will cost you nothing! Israel beaches are perfect for families because they are very clean and safe. At least 21 of their beaches fly the blue flag, a global honor given to beaches that adhere to all the accessibility and environmental standards.

Israel is also renowned for her historical holy sites. There are dozens of must-see sites that are great for family tours including the western wall, Bahai shrine, Church of holy sepulcher, Jerusalem dome of the rock, and many other interesting destinations that are full of historical significance and provide a rich educational and cultural background as your children grow up to face the real world.