Why Savyon is Destination for Wealthy

Savyon, Israel, is located 11 kilometers east of Tel Aviv. It was founded in the year 1954 as an enclave for wealthy South African Jewish Immigrants. After 24 years, this central district of Israel was recognized as an independent local municipality.

The name Savyon loosely translated from the word 'daisy' in the Jewish language. So it's not that surprising that the logo of this municipality represents a wildflower. This community has the highest social -economic standing in Israel based on the data presented by the country's Central Bureau of Statistics. Prominent residents of Savyon include Dan Goldstein, entrepreneur Mikhail Chernoy and politician Gilad Erdan to name a few of Israel's elite who call this place home.

Savyon is perhaps the most exclusive address in Israel. It has easy access to the flourishing business hubs and vibrant cultural centers. It is only a few-minute-drive away from Tel Aviv, and thus, ensuring that residents are not isolated from the capital.

Moreover, Savyon in is in close proximity to two of Israel's top universities. The area is served with a number of art galleries and museums thus offering a rich repertoire of activities and trips for people of any age.

Savyon is actually used to be an agricultural village. Currently, it has than 1,200 families. In short, it is not only densely populated but has that warm community feeling. If you are looking for an area that boasts of expansive space, low-rise buildings, luxury homes and exclusive villas, then this is the place for you. The local is served with first-rate public service and brilliant environmental developments.

Because of the exclusive, sophisticated environment, Savyon has pricey lots as well as residences with quite a few homes fetching millions of dollars in the housing market. The lots on offer are expansive, as per Israel standards, and the rich history of the place explains why Savyon is destination for wealthy luxury homes.

If you are a discerning buyer looking for a great property to invest in, this is the place to be!

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