Hollywood-Style Villa On A 1680 Sqm Plot

  • 1680/680 sqm
  • Property 217

 Exceptionally lavish, this luxurious villa evokes all the style and opulence of Hollywood mansions, including a large garden and incredible swimming pool with waterfalls. The immaculately-maintained 680 sqm villa sits on a 1680 sqm plot. Its centerpiece is a huge living room area with especially high ceilings, looking out toward the garden, pool, and dining room. The dining room is connected to the kitchen via a large patio. In addition to the expansive master suite, the villa also offers six luxurious children’s suites, each with a premium marble bathroom, a study, a fitness room, and convenient utility rooms. Private parking is offered for three vehicles. The villa is easy walking distance from synagogues, shopping malls, and kindergartens.